• Oodles of Doodles

    The trendiest, most sought after mix on the market, Doodles are a designer breed that people can't get enough of. How is it that this mix is not actually a breed? What does it take to enter the ranks of the Kennel Club? There are pro's, con's and regrets to this PR success story and it all has very little impact on the people's obsession with doodles.

  • The History of Kibble

    This episode traces the roots of the pet food industry, connecting it right up to the regulations that govern today's manufacturing processes. Kibble is the most common option for pet owners and yet the benefits of the consumption of this product by our pets is questionable. While the thought is this product is nutritionally appropriate for our furry friends, the proof is not in this pudding.

  • Redefining 'Speak'

    Forever in search of ways to better connect with and understand our dogs, we have a few people working on how much dogs can understand. Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with buttons, a small group of dog owners are training their dogs to speak english. With a focus on two recently popular learners, Stella & Bunny, I’m taking a look at the process, success and science behind these cerebral canines.

  • Pandemic Puppies

    Kicking off the Dog Podcast, is an episode on one of the trendiest acquisitions during the pandemic; a new puppy. It was all the rage when the initial lockdowns hit and this trend has continued for the last 6 months. But with jobs and the economy in flux, and social distancing threatening our Christmas, is this the best time for a new best friend?